Carbon Process

Our Process

Geological studies

selection of the best areas in terms of color and purity. - Mining: extract Calcium carbonate stone from quarries.


primary crushing for calcium carbonate stone.


Transportation of raw materials by dedicated trucks from the quarry to the Plant.


storing raw materials in warehouses to protect from the weather


the material is pulled into the Ball mill to grind it and produced with a fineness up to 100 microns.


The mill product is distributed to special classifiers with different grades according to market requirements.

Treated products

processing the final products by fatty acids to give a product according to the recommended specifications.

Storage of classified materials

The classified materials are stored, each type in a special silo.


packing and covering the pallet to protect it from any external causes during the handling process.

Storage of finished products

The storages are equipped with ramps for shipping purposes

Quality Control

the quality control starts from quarries to final products by modern laboratories containing the latest specialized equipment.

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