The Highest Standards of Production

Our Process


Extraction of limestone, clay, shale, sandstone, Iron Ore by drilling and blasting


Raw material is crushed


Transportation of crushed materials

Mixing bed

Homogenization of crushed materials

Raw mill

Milling and drying of raw materials to make them fine particles.


Remove particles from kiln exhaust. Hot air from exhaust used for drying

Cyclone pre-heater

Heating of raw materials before entry into kiln-increase energy efficiency as 90%-94% of material is calcined

Rotating kiln

(temp. 1,500 - 2000 c) minerals fuse to form calcium silicate crystals – clinker


Quench the clinker

Clinker silo

Storage of clinker before grinding

Finishing mill

Fine grinding of clinker with gypsum + other constituents (slag / fly - Ash / pozzolans) to produce cement


Packaging in bags or bulk and transportation

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