Our policy is to produce

“Right at the First Time”


All company employees are committed to manufacturing and delivering premium products and services “Right at the first time” which will lead to providing the highest value to our customers.

With an open line of communication, Manaseer Industrial Complex conducts monthly quality meetings that are attended by major customers, building trust and transparency to lead future partnerships.

Being a market leader means that all employees are committed to our Quality Process based on the followings:

Continual improvements
Customer commitment
Individual involvement
Robotic Lab

Where all manufactured cement chain products are analyzed fully automation process. The Robo lab supplied with latest technology equipment for:

  • Sampling: auto sampling units
  • Receiving units: receive & discharge sample carrier
  • Grinding units: auto-grinding machines
  • Pressing unit: auto-pressing machine
  • Auto transport system: transport sample to be analyzed
  • XRF unit: X-Ray fluorescence equipment to analyze 9 elements (all cement elements) in all cement products (i.e. Raw mix, kiln feed, clinker, cement, raw materials) 

Also at Robo lab there is the QCX program for the auto control system. Indeed, there is the valuable OLA on line analyzer [gamma-metric] control screen where the equipment scan and send analysis of crushed mix piles of limestone every two minutes

Chemistry Lab

Where the raw materials, semi products and final products are analyzed chemically by reagents. Wet analysis applied according to Jordanian standards which comply with European standards either through classic precipitation procedures or through instrumental analysis by the use of latest version of analytical equipment like:

  • Calorimeter [for determination of the heat value for fuels]
  •  sulfur determinator [for determination of SO3 in cement &raw materials]
  •  TGA [for determination of VM and ash content in coal and all alternative fuels]
  •  Dryers with nitrogen gas flow [for moisture tests]
  • Fusion machine [for fused beads] to be analyzed on XRF
  • Balances
  • flame photometer [for alkalies (Na & K)]
  • muffle furnaces [for ignitions]
  •  Hot plates, stirrers and condensers
Physics Lab

Where all the physical properties of cement produced at cement mills or sold at packing plant are tested. Physical tests are applied according to Jordanian standards which comply with European standards by the use of the following tools and equipment:

  • Cement mixer [for mixing the cement paste]
  • Jolting machine [for compacting the cement paste in its moulds]
  •  Humidity cabinet [to keep cement samples specimen in a standard temp & humidity to the definite time]
  • Curing tank [to keep cement specimen in water for its specific age (2, 28 days) in standard temp &humidity]
  •  Compressive testing machine [for testing the strength values for cement samples prepared in advance for their specific ages]
  •  Expansion of cement tested either by le-chatellier procedure (EN Standard) or by auto clave equipment as per ASTM standard
  • Setting time apparatus [for testing initial &final setting time of cement.